Kaytee Big Branch Bites for Small Animals


SKU: 026-61198F

Kaytee Big Branch Bites for Small Animals are a delicious and fun wooden chew that your pet will love. These tasty fruitwood sticks are enclosed in crunchy bark that your pet will enjoy removing. Keep your pet stimulated and engaged, while also promoting their natural chewing behaviours.

Kaytee Big Branch Bites are free from unwanted chemicals, and also come from sustainable wood sources. They are an excellent way to keep your pet's teeth clean, too! This is a great treat for hamsters, bunnies, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and other small pets. Fits in the Kaytee Treat-K-Bob, too. 10 Pieces.

Why We Recommend Kaytee Big Branch Bites:

  • Promotes dental health and natural chewing habits
  • Also keeps your pet stimulated and entertained
  • An ideal treat for most small animals
  • Delicious fruitwood with crunchy bark, your pet will love it!
  • Made with sustainably harvested woods