ROLLOVER Chicken Wrapped Pork Hide Twists


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Porkhide & Chicken

Rollover Chicken Wrapped Porkhide Twists are 100% digestible porkhide (made from the inner layer of pork skin) wrapped in 100% chicken breast. No chemicals are used in the processing of these treats and porkhide is a much healthier alternative to traditional rawhides. These treats are very high in protein, low in fat and, with the added bonus of pure chicken, your dog is sure to love them!

Not all treats are suitable for all dogs therefore please keep in mind your dog's chewing habits when considering a chew treat. When giving any treat to your dog, please ensure he is supervised and that a bowl of clean drinking water is always available.

Chicken Wrapped Porkhide Twists - 10pk



Pork Skin and Chicken Breast


Chicken Wrapped Porkhide Twists are very high in protein, low in fat and 100% digestible. Chicken is rich in B vitamins (support metabolism; help to maintain healthy skin, hair and muscle tone; help boost the immune system), phosphorus (helps to keep bones healthy and is required for the formation of cell membranes) and selenium (required for immune and thyroid function).


Pork Skin Chicken
Crude Protein 60% min 80% min
Crude Fat 10% min 3% min
Crude Fibre 2% max 2% max
Moisture 10% max 12% max