PREVUE HENDRYX Ferret Cages - Models 480/485/486/479/490

Prevue Hendryx

SKU: 107-00480F

Prevue Pet 4-Story Cage (Model #480). With the Prevue Pet 4-story cage you can be sure your ferrets, rabbits and other small animals will enjoy plenty of room for to run, climb, play and sleep.

This cage includes:

  • 3 ladders
  • 3 platforms
  • Pull-out bottom drawer for easy cleaning
  • 5.5 inches high plastic mess guard
  • 2 large front-opening doors for easy access to pets
  • Rolling caster base
  Keep the surrounding area of ferret's home clean, the Prevue Pet 4-story cage has a mess guard that snaps onto the base to help. The heavy-duty plastic platforms and ladders snap together securely to prevent shifting as pets run and play.

Feisty Ferret Home Dimensions: 31'L x 21'D x 41'H


Feisty Ferret Home (Model #485). The Feisty Ferret Home comes complete with ramps, shelves, and a hammock to keep your fuzzy friend content and entertained. This cage offers a lot of space to run, jump and play! Even the most energetic ferrets will love it.

The Feisty Ferret Home includes:

  • 3 ladders
  • 2 platforms
  • 1 hammock
  • Removable plastic pan
  • Bottom storage shelf

The Feisty Ferret Home is available in a black hammertone finish and features:

  • 2 large front-opening doors that ferrets cannot open
  • coated metal wire body & floors that are easy to clean
  • 2 main levels to provide plenty of space for food dishes and litter trays
  • Platforms that sit on the cage sides and can be removed quickly for easy cleaning
  • Large doors provide lots of access to pets and allow owners to easily switch out litter trays, food & water dishes and toys
  • Removable pan slides out quickly for easy cleaning
  • Storage shelf provides additional space to store extra food, toys, treats, etc

Feisty Ferret Home Dimensions: 31'L x 20'D x 55'H with 7/8' wire spacing.


Frisky Ferret Cage (Model #486). Available in a powder-coated, cocoa hammertone finish with black plastic ramp and shelf. The large front door and rooftop door provide easy access to pets, while the rolling caster stand allows the cage to be moved around the home or indoors/outdoors.
A removable bottom grille and pull-out bottom drawer helps make cleaning quick and easy. However, if the bottom grille is not used a wind-bell lock, above the bottom drawer, prevents pets from pushing it out. The shelf on the bottom of the stand can store extra food, treats, toys or cleaning supplies.
Frisky Ferret Cage Dimensions: 25'L x 16'x 31'H (interior height 20'H) with 7/8' wire spacing

Corner Ferret Cage (Model #479). This corner ferret cage saves floor space while providing maximum living space for pets. Your Ferret will have enough room to roam around with 3 platforms and 3 ramps.

The powder coating wiring is Non-toxic and provides protection as well as lots of areas where you can hang hammocks or hideouts for your fuzzy friend.
Dimensions: 34'L x 34'D x 55'H. black/blue.


Corner Ferret Cage (Model #490). This cage will help you save space in your home without sacrificing the space you provide to your ferret or small animal, this cage still has plenty of room for your pets to play, run and jump.

Available in a black, powder-coated hammertone finish. A removable bottom grille and pull-out bottom drawer help make cleaning quick and easy. The wind-bell lock, above the pull-out drawer, keeps pets from pushing out the drawer if the cage is used without the bottom grille. A storage shelf is also included on the bottom of the easy-rolling caster stand for quick access to extra food, treats and cleaning supplies.

Dimensions: 39'L x 27'W x 63'H with 1' wire spacing