PRECISION Little Stinker On-the-Go Bag Refills


SKU: 054-66121F


Perfect for: Walks, Backyards, Dog Parks,
Traveling, and General Household Use

  •  Carry on Belt, Leash, Stroller or Backpack with Adjustable Clip or Velro® Strap
  • 15ml Sanitizer Bottle and Holder to Fill with Your Favorite Hand Sanitizer Product
  • Additional Clip for Keys, Charms, Dog Tags, etc.
  • Bottom of Case Clinches to Provide Snug Fit Each Time Bag is Dispensed
  • Water-resistant, Durable Canvas Fabric is Machine Washable

Also Available:

Little Stinker™ Roll Bags Feature Long, Quick-Tie Handles for Conventient Carrying and Clean Disposal.

  • 4-Roll Refill Pack (60 Bags)
  • 8-Roll Refill Pack (120 Bags)