OPEN RANGE Natural Dog Treats and Chews WATER BUFFALO

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Open Range beef products are produced domesticated Water Buffalo

Water buffalo, or bufala, are a completely different species than buffalo, which are actually bison. Water buffalo meat is very lean, containing less than half the fat of beef and 40-60% less cholesterol. It is rich source of protein, B-group vitamins, vitamin D, niacin, phosphorus and the essential minerals iron and zinc with all the proven health benefits. As with all grass fed animals, the meat is also a good source of omega-3-fatty acids.

Water Buffalo Fast Facts

Water Buffalo is lower calorie than beef

Water Buffalo is high in Protein

Water Buffalo is BSE Free

Water Buffalo has 45% less Cholesterol than beef

Water Buffalo is high in minerals & Omega 3

All Open Range products are naturally processed and exceed the standards set forth by the CFIA and FDC

We keep our products natural and free of over processing to make our treats the best you can give your pet!

Our water buffalo pet treats are lower calorie than beef, high in protien and BSE free. Water buffalo is also high in minerals and has 45% less cholesterol than beef!