MagicLatch Leash Connection System


SKU: 89402RA

All MagicLatches come with Large and Small collar repositioning rings at no extra charge.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does MagicLatch work?

MagicLatch secures with strong latches. Magnets are used to assist in easily leashing your pet, while the latches lock and secure the MagicLatch operation. MagicLatch is for dogs 5 to 85 pounds.

What sizes of dogs can be used with MagicLatch?

MagicLatch is designed for dogs 5 to 85 pounds.

Will MagicLatch work with any type of leash?


Will MagicLatch work with any type of collar or harness?

MagicLatch is designed to work with nearly any style of standard collar with a D-ring, and harnesses with a ring on the dog's back. Harnesses with a chest ring will cause MagicLatch to lay sideways across your dog's chest and shoulders and your dog's body movement may activate the release button accidentally. We recommend using a standard collar or harness with a back ring in place of a chest ring harness when using MagicLatch.

Can I use MagicLatch with a tie-out?


Can I use MagicLatch for climbing?


Will the MagicLatch dangle magnetically attract other items on my dog’s collar?

In almost all cases, no. Most items on dog collars are made of metals that will not adhere to the dangle. On occasion, your dog may have a metal item that will adhere to the dangle. In those instances, slide on an enclosed positioner and extra collar ring to a location away from the metal that is adhering. Attach the dangle or the other metal item to that d-ring.