Lambert Kay Petivia Probiotic Capsules for Dogs and Cats

Lambert Kay

SKU: 018-60015F

Petivia™ Premium Probiotics for Dogs and Cats is a probiotic formula that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria and yeast in your pet's digestive tract.

 Petivia provides beneficial bacteria and yeast that work to promote digestive system health and strengthen the immune system. Additionally, these probiotics work to reduce the amount of toxins that are emitted into the intestinal tract by harmful bacteria.

Petivia is perfect for relieving digestive problems and supporting overall health in both dogs and cats. This probiotic delivers a carefully selected assortment of beneficial bacteria through a patented technology. This bottle contains 60 capsules- but there are also 15 count and 30 count bottles available. Whether you have a dog or cat, these probiotics will keep them in excellent health, so order a bottle today!

Key Features:
  • Supports immune system and digestive tract health
  • Replenishes beneficial bacteria and yeast in digestive tract
  • Proven to survive stomach acid to promote healthy digestive system