KONG CLOUD - Premium Protective Collars for Dogs and Cats


SKU: 039-08132F


New in the marketplace, this inflatable premium protective collar is an ideal solution for pets recovering from injuries, rashes and surgeries. Pet owners will take extra comfort knowing their pet is recovering in the unique cushioned comfort provided by a KONG™ CLOUD®. Additionally, patients maintain full visibility, which only speeds their adaptability to the recovery collar. And finally, CLOUDs are constructed with a tough, washable material that is scratch and bite resistant, plus it won't mark or scrape walls, furniture or shins. All for 25% Less than previous models!
XS Extra Small for Toy Breeds & Cats Up to 6"
S Small for Jack Russell & Sheltie 6" to 10"
M Medium for Border Collie & Spaniels 10" to 13"
L Large for Labrador & Golden Retriever 13" to 18"
XL Extra Large for Rottweiler, & Mastiff 18" & up
KVP Kong Cloud Collar