Kaytee Polly Puzzler Bird Cage Enrichment Accessory


SKU: 026-80640F

The Kaytee Polly Puzzler Bird Cage Toy is the fun and entertaining toy that your indoor bird craves! This toy is designed to challenge your bird's mind, by giving them wooden fun shaped blocks that they have to insert into the right shaped hole! You can also fill it with your pet's favourite treat, and watch them seek out their goodies. 
The space saving design of the Kaytee Polly Puzzler makes it ideal for bird cages of any size. It easily attaches to the wall of most cages with the built in hooks. Refill this toy with your birds favourite toys and treats regularly for optimum enjoyment.

Why We Recommend The Kaytee Polly Puzzler Bird Cage Toy:

  • A fun an enriching activity that your bird will love
  • Fits easily onto the side of most bird cages
  • Use with the wooden blocks provided, or fill with your own toys and treats
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Helps to prevent cage boredom