Kaytee Lava Block with Wood Chews Natural Chew Toy for Small Animals


SKU: 026-61151F

The Kaytee Lava Block with Wood Chews is a natural wood and lava chewing treat that your small pet will love! This unique combination of lava rock and natural wood is brought together to form an adorable square shaped toy. This product encouraged natural chewing and gnawing in a way that is both safe and healthy. It also keeps your pet entertained, which helps to prevent cage boredom! This 2.25" toy is great for chinchillas, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small pets.

Why We Recommend Kaytee Lava Block with Wood Chews:

  • The perfect sized small animal chew toy
  • Made with all natural wood and lava pieces
  • Helps trim teeth, and also keeps them clean
  • A safe and healthy toy
  • Promotes natural chewing behaviours
  • Prevents cage boredom