Kaytee Chewbular Play Tube Small Animal Toy


SKU: 026-60472F

The Kaytee Chewbular Play Tube is a simple but entertaining toy for your small pet. The barrel-shaped tube makes a quiet spot for your pet to rest and relax, and it also doubles as a chew toy! What's more, this product comes with a free sample of Kaytee Night-E-Night bedding for your pet to try.

Encourage your pet's natural chewing behaviours, and also their natural desire to burrow with The Kaytee Chewbular Play Tube. Is is non-toxic and made with vegetable food colours. Your pet can play with it, chew on it, and hide in it. Comes in a variety of assorted colours (chosen randomly). Also available in three sizes.

Why We Recommend The Kaytee Chewbular Play Tube:

  • Three ways to use it: Play, hide, or chew!
  • Made from safe, non-toxic materials
  • Promoted natural behaviours such as burrowing and gnawing
  • Keeps your pet entertained
  • Comes with a free sample of bedding, too!