GENTLE LEADER Ultimate Dog Harness

Gentle Leader

SKU: 064-51001F

Gentle Leader® Ultimate Canine Harness


PABA’s newest product was designed to provide maximum canine comfort and increased effectiveness for owners using harnesses. The unique side straps on this harness lie on the outer surface of the dog’s legs eliminating chafing on the inner surface of the dog’s legs as often happens with conventional harnesses. You can now walk, jog or run with your dog without the fear of causing discomfort or injury.


  • Non-Punishing, Does Not Choke
  • Discourages Pulling
  • User Friendly - Dog Friendly
  • Does Not Chafe Inner Leg Surface
  • Walk, Run or Jog With Your Dog Without Pulling
  • Ideal for Small & Medium Dogs (Under 60 lbs/28kg)
  • Comfortable for Short-Nosed Breeds
  • Durable and Lightweight (No Heavy Hardware)
  • Instructions and Diagrams Included
  • Fully Adjustable for Easy Fitting
  • Quickly Removed and Placed
  • Recyclable Packaging
  • Made In Canada
  • Recommended By Behaviorists, Veterinarians & Trainers