FLUKERS Repta Boost Insectivore Carnivore


SKU: 167-73030F

Repta-Boost is a high energy supplement specially formulated to provide "that extra energy boost" for recently acquired animals, young fast growing animals, reproductively active animals, or animals on limited diets.

Many captive reptile and amphibian diets are incomplete. Because these animals can develop nutritional diseases associated with inadequate diets, it is important to supplement their dates to minimise any deficiencies. Repta-Boose can be used as a daily supplement for reptiles or amphibians. Unlike vitamin and mineral supplements which offer limited nutritional support. Repta-Boost is a complete supplement that includes protein. carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals.

50 G

Kit Includes:

Power Boost powder

Cup and spoon

Feeding syringe