FLUKERS Half-Log and Corner Half-Log


SKU: 167-59000F

Fluker Half Log

These all-natural, whole and half-log hideouts are great for reptiles and other small animals that like to hide. The natural wood provides your pet with both shade and security in a natural habitat; a necessity for reptiles and small animals. The logs can also be used to create a basking area for basking animals.

FLUKER Critter Cavern - Corner Half Log Large

  • For those hard-to-reach places, these corner log hideouts are a perfect fit for the tiny corner of terrariums.

Fluker's corner half log is made from all natural wood and has been designed to easily fit into the corner of a terrarium. The corner half log can be used as a basking area or a hiding place for any animal. Now your pet can experience the safety and security of a hollow log without sacrificing valuable terrarium space.

These vary somewhat in zie (they are a natural product) but they are roughly: 7 to 7.5" long x 6.5" to 7" wide x 3 to 3.5" tall (outside dimensions)