Emerald Pet Little Duckies Dog Treats

Emerald Pet

SKU: 242-00424F

Emerald Pet Little Duckies Treats are crafted with limited ingredient formulas using Indiana farm-raised duck meat as the primary source of protein, making them ideal for dogs with sensitivities to chicken and other meat proteins.  Dogs and trainers alike love our duck treats for their easy acceptance by dogs that traditionally only eat straight meat treats as a reward.  Absent of any greasy residue with delicious ingredients, Little Duckies Treats are ideal for carrying in your pocket and training on the run.  Available in 4 formulas: Little Duckies and Pumpkin, Little Duckies and Blueberry, Little Duckies and Sweet Potato, and Little Duckies and Cranberry.

  • Made in the USA with all natural US ingredients
  • Grain free, gluten free, soy free, and dairy free
  • Limited Ingredients. Great for dogs with common food allergies
  • Delicious real duck. Perfect for training or rewarding all dogs
  • No artificial ingredients, colors or flavors. Naturally preserved