The Easy Walk Dog Harness by Premier


SKU: 004-13162F

The Easy Walk Dog Harness by Premier is uniquely designed to stop your dog from pulling their leash. This leads to easier and more enjoyable walking. While traditional harnesses can make it easier for dogs to pull, this harness does the opposite. This unique front chest latch system tightens slightly over your dogs shoulder blades and chest when they pull. Dogs don't like this feeling, so they stop pulling immediately. It also directs their attention towards you, by forcing them to move to the side when they pull. 

The Easy Walk Dog Harness by Premier is a safe and effective solution to pulling. It will never cause gagging, choking, or coughing, as it is designed with safety in mind. This is an easy to use harness that has a quick snap buckle on the belly, and also on the shoulder. It is soft, but also very sturdy. 


Why We Recommend The Easy Walk Dog Harness by Premier:

  • A unique design that stops leash pulling immediately
  • Latches on the chest, to prevent your dog from being able to pull
  • Sturdy and thoughtful construction
  • Makes walking your dog more enjoyable
  • Uses two different colours to make it easy to tell which part goes where

The Easy Walk Dog Harness by Premier at Canadian Pet Connection

    Fitting The Harness

    • Open the quick-snap buckle on the belly strap.
    • Place the shoulder strap over the dog’s head with the chest strap resting on the dog’s chest.
    • Tighten belly strap to a comfortably snug fit. On medium-sized dogs, only allow room for about a finger’s width under the strap. Allow a bit more for larger dogs, less for smaller dogs.
    • Gently press fingers on the lower part of the front of the dog’s chest to locate the breastbone.
    • Adjust the shoulder strap so that when the chest strap is horizontal (parallel to the ground), the chest strap rests directly over the breast bone.
    • AFTER you have tightened both the shoulder and belly straps, adjust the chest strap to fit securely. It should rest nearly parallel to the ground, not “hang down” or gap.
    • You may need to remove the harness to make these adjustments.
    • When the shoulder strap is fitted correctly, the chest strap should resemble a horizontal line (parallel to the ground), and it will rest directly over the breastbone.
    • Attach the leash to the D-ring on the chest strap.