DOG GONE SMART Trailblazer Jackets

Dog Gone Smart

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Trailblazer Jackets

NEW! Trailblazer Jackets

Wow--Dog Gone Smart Trailblazers have it all! It's cutting-edge design and hip color pallet make this jacket a "treat" for any dog! The brand new Trailblazer jackets are a welcome and exciting edition to our collection for pet owners everywhere. Like the updated Aspen Parka, these jackets feature the functional and waterproof zipper feature. The Trailblazer jackets sport a sleek design, with a more tailored fit. These jackets feature the Repelz-It technology throughout, elastic waist with dual velcro belly closures. The sporty and rugged look will make your dog the sharpest dresser on the block.

  • Repelz-It Nanoprotection repels dirt, stains, liquids
  • Water-resistant outer shell
  • waterproof zipper/harness clot for easy leash attachment to any dog harness
  • full belly coverage keeps dogs warm and dry
  • Dual Velcro closures with elastic waist band

We've got innovation zipped up!

Dog Gone Smart Outerwear features the best of both worlds—style and function! Our NEWEST waterproof zipper feature allows any dog harness to easily clip through the jacket to the dog leash. A 4inch long waterproof zipper allows for plenty of adjustability to assure any dog harness will clip through the jacket to the leash.

Our NEWEST waterproof zipper/harness slot, makes walking your dog as easy as 1,2,3. Simply unzip, clip the leash through the jacket to the harness ring, re-zip and GO.

All jackets styles are available in the following sizes: (back Length): 8”, 10”, 12", 14”, 16", 18”, 20", 22” , 26"