COOL DOG Joint Care

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COOL DOG Holistic Joint Formulas

Say good bye to the days of finding that week old half licked pill under the refrigerator! COOL DOG® Holistic Joint Care Formulas are healthy AND tasty and do not require “hiding” in a spoonful of cream cheese to get your dog to take it.

COOL DOG® Holistic Joint Care Formulas support your pet’s own ability to remain flexible and mobile by containing the top four ingredients(including Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, and even Hyaluronic Acid) available all in a single easy to use product. In addition,COOL DOG® Holistic Joint Care Formulas absorbs faster than any pills or chews, so you can even save yourself a trip to the vet by trying COOL DOG® Holistic Joint Care Formulas now.

There is no mixing required for this tasty alternative to hard to feed pills and chews, and COOL DOG Holistic Joint Care Formulas are available in several flavorsdeveloped especially for your canine companion.


Directions for Use
Using the supplied dosage cup, simply pour over your dog’s food, once daily. For dogs 49 pounds and under, provide 1/2 ounce (half of the supplied dosage cup). For dogs 50 pounds and over, provide 1 ounce (1 full dosage cup).