CHUCK IT Specialty Toys by Canine Hardware - Paraflight / Heliflight / Kick Fetch / Kick Cube / Fetch Wheels / Tumble Bumper / Fumble Fetch

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SKU: 046-00190F

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Chuckit! Paraflight

Chuckit! Paraflight is perfect for games of fetch, whether you're out in the yard or in water! The Paraflight features a soft rubber edge that's gentle on your dog's gums and teeth, but a strong nylon interior that makes it durable for playtime. Soars through the air and descend gradually, which allows your dog plenty of opportunities to run and jump after it. This flying dog toy also floats in the water.


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Chuckit! Heliflight

The Chuckit! Heliflight dog toy is soft yet durable. This triangular flyer is easy for your dog to catch & hold onto with the soft rubber underneath. Throw for high lift and easy pick up! This flying dog toy also floats high in the water, assuring visibility to your dog.


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Chuckit! Kick Fetch

The Chuckit! Kick Fetch features deep ridges which make it easier for your dog to retrieve. Kick to play for hours of interactive fun with your dog! Durable canvas, rubber and foam make this dog ball a favorite for outside games. Grooved design allows your dog to easily pick up & bring right back to you. Vibrant, high-visibility orange color makes this toy easy to track in large open spaces.


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Chuckit! Kick Cube

New to Chuckit! Ground Pursuit - Kick Cube! The unique cube shape provides erratic bounce for added interest. Reinforced rubber corners increase durability, while strategic rubber bite zones allow easy pickup for small and large dogs alike.


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Chuckit! Fetch Wheel

The Chuckit! Fetch Wheel is an innovative toy that bounces and floats like a tennis ball, but also rolls on the ground so your dog can chase it and fetch it back. The rubber wheel bounces and floats for unlimited, creative exercise for you and your dog! Roll the wheel to unleash your dog's natural instincts to chase and herd. The open interior allows easy pick-up for dogs of all sizes. The inner ring is made from bright, tough canvas-style nylon with double-sewn seams for added durability.



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Chuckit! Tumble Bumper

Chuckit! Tumble Bumper is an extension of the Tug, Shake or Toss line. Random bounce tumbling action on land, high-floating easy visibility on water. Adds excitement to the game with its unique tumbling, high floating action. Soft yet durable, your dog will love playing fetch & retrieve with the Tumble Bumper dog toy. Polyester, rubber and foam construction floats, endures abrasion and goes easy on your dog's mouth.



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Chuckit! Fumble Fetch

The Chuckit! Fumble Fetch is a football shaped, random-bounce extension of the Chuckit! Ground Pursuit line. The inverted variable welt design makes the Fumble Fetch easy for your dog to pick up. Pass or punt with random bounce for hours of interactive play with your dog!