CHUCK IT Erratic Balls by Canine Hardware - Small / Medium / Large

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SKU: 046-20110F

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Chuckit! Erratic Ball

Chuckit! Erratic Ball is a durable geometrically shaped rubber ball that bounces erratically to keep the game interesting and challenging for your dog. Squared corners cause the ball to bounce every which way when thrown. Made from durable rubber. Easy-to-clean. Made just the right size for use with your Chuckit! Launcher. These high-bouncing erratic balls are available in sizes small, medium, large, with one and two-pack options.


Product Specifications

Product Dimensions 2" X 2"
Product Weight 0.3


Launcher Compatible Chuckit! Erractic Ball

The Chuckit! Erratic Ball bounces here and there keeping your dog on his toes as he chases and fetches this oblong rubber ball. Launcher compatible to work with all Chuckit! launchers for hours of fetching fun.