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Back on Track

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Back on Track® Slim Fit T-Shirt

The stylish Back on Track® T-Shirt, Slim Fit is an excellent choice for those who experience shoulder and back problems. Its fashionable cut and modern design makes this garment eye-catching and smart everyday attire. At the same time, the revolutionary Welltex™ ceramic infused fabric provides soothing, pain relieving FAR infrared therapy to help alleviate tension, aches and injuries, etc. The shirts elegant shape fits the bodys contours. It comes with a petite standing collar and short front zipper, in either Black with White piping seams or White with Black piping seams.


X Small
X Large
XX Large

XXX Large

Colour: Black or White


V-Neck Shirt (Women's)

V-Neck Shirt for Women

Stylish stretch V-Neck T-Shirt is cut to fit women and made from high quality materials. It is made of cotton and polyester with spandex and is comfortable to wear. The t-shirt may help relieve tension in your back and shoulders and is well suited for everyday life due to having the ceramic textiles infused in the fibers of the material.

Sizes: Women's Slim Fit

Size Chest Waist Hip
XS 33" 29" 34"
Small 34" 30" 34"
Medium 37" 32" 38"
Large 38" 33" 38"
XL 38" 35" 41"
XXL 42" 39" 44"

Colors: White or Black

Fabric is manufactured in China and consists of 50% polyester (with ceramic powder) and 50% cotton.

FAQs for Human Products

Machine washable at 30 ° C in gentle program of regular detergent without bleach or fabric softener. Air dry, no tumble dry. Ironing at max 50°C.

Washed at a maximum of 30 degrees with gentle washing program.Do Not DrycleanDo Not Tumble DryIroning with a low temperature. Max 50 degrees.Do Not Bleach


Back on Track Pike T-Shirt

Back on Track therapeutic t-shirts are made from state-of-the-art welltex fabric infused with ceramic powder. The ceramic reflects your natural body heat and creates a soothing far infrared thermal warmth which is a recognized method to reduce inflammation, ease muscle tension, increase blood circulation and hasten the healing process. Wear this t-shirt prior to exercise to loosen and warm up muscles and to prevent injury. Particularly helpful in relieving shoulder pain.

Back on Track Pike T-Shirt