Aqueon Algae Rounds Bottom Feeder Fish Food


SKU: 147-06028F

Aqueon Bottom Feeder Fish Food is a nutritiously complete fish food that is ideal for all bottom dwelling fish. This includes loaches, catfish, and also shrimp. This food comes in rounds or tablets that slowly dissolve to maintain a steady supply of food. This is important for a bottom feeder's eating habits, and encourages healthy eating habits. Aqueon algae rounds are made with natural food sources that your fish would eat in the wild. This includes kelp and spirulina, which bottom feeders love. This bottom feeder fish food also contains ingredients that enhances beautiful colours. This includes marigold, astaxanthin, and also chili powder. Comes in a 3 ounce pack.

Why We Recommend It:

  • An ideal bottom feeder fish food
  • Highly nutritious, and releases slowly to mimic natural eating habits
  • Made with ingredients that bottom feeders love
  • Also includes ingredients to enhance beautiful colours in fish

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