Aqueon 7 Day Vacation Fish Feeder


SKU: 147-06351F

Are you going on vacation, and worried about feeding your fish? Aqueon Vacation Fish Food Feeders will keep your fish fed and healthy by releasing carefully timed fish food pellets. These pellets will provide your fish with optimum nutrition while you are away. Choose from regular fish formula or betta fish formula. These vacation feeders are easy to use; simply drop one tablet into the aquarium. This will keep your fish fed for up to seven days. When you return, it is important to clean your fishes water to remove any leftovers.

Why We Recommend It:

  • Keeps your fish fed for up to 7 days while you're away
  • Provides optimum nutrition fo ryour pet fish
  • Available in regular fish formula, or betta formula
  • Designed to release food slowly so food doesn't go to waste 

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