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Flex-All Joint Support Biscuits


Flex-All is an all natural nutraceutical dog joint supplement for your pet in the form of a biscuit, specially formulated to maintain and repair joints while providing effect pain relief. Flex-All is a revolutionary concept in dog biscuits, utilizing a targeted approach that combines a comprehensive, synergistic blend of Nutraceuticals, direct fed microbials, enzymes, plant naturals, vitamins, minerals and other ingredients. Each ingredient is carefully selected and formulated to relieve symptoms from arthritis, stiff joints and inflammation.

This all natural biscuit also aids by providing maximum support for restoring healthy joint function, fast pain relief, improved mobility, less inflammation and rejuvenation of connective tissue.


Flex-All ingredients are selected for optimal bioavailability, purity and freshness. Optimal freshness is maintained through smaller and more frequent batches that ensure Flex-All Biscuits are the freshest and most potent in the industry.

Flex-All's proprietary ingredients include glucosamine and chondroitin to help restore the connective tissue in the bone and joint system. Also included is MSM to protect cell membranes and help relieve pain and inflammation associated with stiff joints.

Each Flex-All Biscuit contains 650 mg MSM, 500 mg Glucosamine HCL, 75 mg Chondroitin Sulfate, 100 mg Ester C®, 50 mg Shark Cartilage and 50 mg Yucca.

Directions for use:

Small Dog One biscuit per day
Medium Dog Two biscuits per day
Large Dog Three biscuits per day

For therapeutic use, double the amount.

The daily dosage should be increased to meet the severity of the health condition and than reduced to a maintenance level once your pet's health has been restored.

Unconditional Guarantee:

We are so confident in the benefits of Flex-All that we offer a 90-day unconditional money back guarantee.

Digest-Aide™ - Dog Supplement for the Stomach and GI Tract

McIntosh Pro Line - Digest-Aide

Digest-Aide protects and balances your pet's stomach for optimal digestion and health. Factors such as dietary indiscretions, garbage gut, stress, poor digestion, poor quality diet and antibiotic use can and do upset the integrity and balance of your pet's stomach. If not managed properly, they often result in poor nutrient absorption from food, diarrhea, gastro-intestinal (GI) upset, weight-loss, dehydration and overall poor health.

Pets will benefit from Digest-Aide's rapid results to help establish populations of desirable microflora and to expel toxins and bad bacteria that cause diarrhea and GI upset. A healthy stomach is a healthy and happy pet.

Digest-Aide is a highly palatable powder that is conveniently sprinkled on your pet's food.

Directions for use:

Dosage Maintenance
Less than 5kg (11.02lbs) 3g
5kg-10kg (22.05lbs) 6g
10kg-15kg (33.07lbs) 9g
15kg-25kg (55.12lbs) 12g
25kg + 15g

Note: High Risk situations double the dose.

Product Guarantee:

We are so confident in the benefits of Digest-Aide that we offer a 90-day unconditional money back guarantee.

Jump Start™ - Natural Appetite Stimulant (neonatal nutrition)

Jump Start™ - Natural Appetite Stimulant

Jump Start Plus is a natural, holistic appetite stimulant for pets, specially formulated to get newborns up and nursing fast. It is your first answer to improving the immunity in the newborn, especially with puppies and kittens that are slow to nurse and for large litters. Jump Start Plus protects the newborn while on the ground and because it gets them nursing in a very short time, it allows for optimal utilization of the mother's antibodies.

It happens all the time: new born animals develop problems with poor absorption of colostrum, insufficient mother's milk, poor digestion, infections and slow growth. Ensuring that the mother is capable of passing on all the necessary substances is crucial to the healthy development of the newborn. Recognizing these preventive measures are not always possible, Jump Start Plus was developed to minimize developmental problems during the first hours of the newborn's life.

Jump Start Plus provides premium colostrum, essential nutrients and critical direct fed microbials (probiotics). Thus breeders now have a tool to enhance survival and promote optimum response. This is critical for optimal health and growth.

Jump Start Plus can also be used to "kick start" the immune system and GI tract for pets that have been abused, are suffering from malnutrition or recovering from surgery or illness.

Jump Start Plus is packaged in an easy to use 32ml dial-a-dose syringe.

Feeding Instructions:

Feed immediately upon birth AM and PM or follow guidelines below for older animals:

Weight Dose
< 1/2 lb (0.227kg) 1cc
1/2 - 1lb (0.454kg) 2cc
1 - 2lb (0.907kg) 4cc
2 - 4lb (1.81kg) 6cc
4 - 8lb (3.63kg) 8cc
8 - 16lb (7.26kg) 10cc
16lb - 32lb (14.51kg) 12cc
32lb < 16cc

Unconditional Guarantee:

We are so confident in the benefits of Jump Start that we offer a 90-day unconditional money back guarantee.

Compose™ - Calming Formula - Cat and Dog Supplement

McIntosh Pro Line - Compose

Compose, helps your cat or dog deal with stress. An advanced holistic, calming formula that contains a combination of patented nutritional ingredients, not found in other calming formulas. When your pet cannot cope with stress, it can lead to anxiety, nervousness, hyperactivity, frayed nerves, excess barking, abnormal urine marking, repeated paw licking, excessive scratching, trembling or shivering, and destructive or aggressive behavior. Compose can alleviate these troublesome behaviors.

Compose can be used daily or just when extra help to relax is needed. No drugs. No side effects. All natural. Your pet will love the taste of Compose and you will love how easy it is to administer while at home or on the road.

Compose is a balanced formula containing the patented amino acid, L-Theanine (Suntheanine® Brand) along with a patented calming decapeptide from milk protein hydrolystate (Lactium Brand), which all address stress and calming. L-Theanine (Suntheanine® Brand) supports calming and relaxation, reduces irritability and low mood states. We use the Suntheanine® brand which has extensive research and documentation, over 45 studies, which suggest it is helpful in the area of reducing stress and anxiety. The Lactium Calming Decapeptide is isolated from the milk protein casein and is known for its calming effects.

Compose can be used daily or just when extra help to relax is needed.

Unconditional Guarantee:

We are so confident in the benefits of Compose that we offer a 90-day unconditional money back guarantee.


911 Emergency paste 35ml

Whether you deal with the uncertainties of breeding and raising young animals,undifferentiated diarrhea, or with sudden problems induced by heat stress, dehydration, and exhaustion during transport and performance, and countless other “crisis” situations that may be undefined, you’ll find 911 Emergency Paste to be an essential and critical tool.

It is critical that the gut is functioning properly for your pet to have a happy, healthy, comfortable life.

Unlike typical “probiotic products”, 911 Emergency Paste provides a broad-spectrum complex of beneficial direct-fed microbial and yeast cultures in a unique, bioenergetic base of fermentation products and specially engineered yeast extract rich in glucomannans (GM). With its global replenishment of the full array of ingredients needed by healthy colonies, 911 Emergency produces much faster results for animals of all ages.

911 Emergency Paste is available in either an immediate care dosing tube (35ml) or a top-dressed powder (Digest-Aide) for long term management of chronic GI problems and optimal gut health and immune enhancement.